AnyWhereMobile™ Security

Powered by MShift, Inc.

The AnyWhereMobile Payment Network is powered by MShift, Inc. ( MShift has been in the business of mobile banking for 15 years and has been successfully dealing with sensitive financial transactions for banks and credit unions by constantly adapting to the changing security landscape.

MShift handles millions of secure communications to financial institutions each day, and your security is of paramount importance to us.

Transaction Security

The AnyWhereMobile Payment Network uses a patented system for performing transactions. At the time of purchase, the customer signals authorization to perform a transaction with the merchant. No financial or personal information is transmitted at the time of purchase and no financial information is exchanged directly between the customer and the merchant. This significantly reduces the possibility for fraud and allows us to reduce the cost of the transaction for all parties.


AnyWhereMobile security requires you to register your Apple or Android device with AnyWhereMobile through your bank or credit union's app and to set a six-digit passcode. In order to make a purchase, you must have a registered device and know your passcode.

Adding an Account

When you add an account to AnyWhereMobile to use for payments and purchases, you select from a list of accounts authorized by your bank or credit union. That account number is stored in an encrypted format on MShift's servers. Account information is never stored on your device and is never made available to a merchant or a person to whom you are sending money. At the time of purchase or payment, your account number is sent to your bank or credit union over a secure and trusted channel along with the recipient's account information so that the financial institution can perform the transaction in a safe and trusted manner. Your account information is never available to the recipient.

Making a Purchase

When you make a purchase in a store, you scan the merchant's identifier using your device's camera. The merchant's identifier along with your device's ID and your passcode are sent in an encrypted format to the AnyWhereMobile servers indicating that you wish to make a purchase from this merchant. At the same time, the merchant sends the amount of the transaction to the AnyWhereMobile servers indicating the amount the merchant wants you to pay. The AnyWhereMobile server then asks you to confirm the amount of the transaction, and if you agree, the funds are transferred to the merchant. The merchant never scans your device or has access to any of your information.

Sending Funds to Another Person

Everyone sending or receiving funds using the AnyWhereMobile network gets a Money ID that can be used for receiving funds. This number is assigned once a person registers with AnyWhereMobile or agrees to accept funds from a phone number or an email address. This number can only be used to receive funds, but cannot be used to send them, so it is fine to give your Money ID to others.

When you send funds to a person, you enter the recipient's Money ID, phone number, or email address. The recipient's information along with your device's ID and your passcode are sent in an encrypted format to the AnyWhereMobile servers indicating that you wish to send this person money. If the recipient has a Money ID, the money is sent immediately. If the recipient is being sent money at a phone number or email address, the recipient is asked to agree to receive the funds and to enter information regarding the account to which the funds should be sent. At the time, the recipient is automatically assigned a Money ID. The recipient never scans your device or has access to any of your information.

If You Lose Your Device

If you lose your device or want to deactivate AnyWhereMobile, simply contact your bank or credit union to deactivate it.

Data Security

Our servers are kept in maximum-security locations throughout North America. We only use the most trusted and secure data centers.

All data traveling to and from our servers are encrypted using the latest TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technologies. Any data at rest is encrypted using strong cryptographic protocols. Our server farms employ firewalls and intrusion detection and intrusion prevention hardware, and all servers are monitored internally and externally for unusual activity

Your personal and business information is secure with us and is never sold to third parties. You can view our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding the AnyWhereMobile Privacy Policy, please contact us at